Ventral Hernia

Posted On 2019-02-25 10:39:26

The focused issue on “Ventral Hernia”, guest edited by Drs. Davide Lomanto and Anil Sharma, aims to provide comprehensive surgical techniques and discussion concerning the ventral hernia to specialists all around the world, which we hope will also be beneficial to the growth of young surgeons and also for the benefit of patients.

Update in ventral hernia surgery
Davide Lomanto, Anil Sharma

Review Article 
Mesh technology—an update
Hrishikesh Salgaonkar, Davide Lomanto

Umbilical hernia: when and how
Raquel A. Maia, Hrishikesh P. Salgaonkar, Davide Lomanto, Lynette Loo

Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair: extraperitoneal repair
Muddassir Shahdhar, Anil Sharma

Lateral release in the repair of large ventral hernia
Alfred Allen Buenafe, Alembert Lee-Ong

Robotic repair for ventral hernias
Davide Lomanto, Sajid Malik

Managing complications in laparoscopic ventral hernia
Hrishikesh Salgaonkar, Sujith Wijerathne, Davide Lomanto

Ventral hernia and obesity: is there a consensus?
Raquel Maia, Hrishikesh Salgaonkar, Davide Lomanto, Asim Shabbir