Chikara Kunisaki, MD, PhD (Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery)

Department of Surgery, Gastroenterological Center, Yokohama City University, Yokohama, Japan

Dr. Chikara Kunisaki, born in 1958, in Fukushima Japan, was given the medical master degree after graduation from Yokohama City University in 1984, and worked in Department of Surgery in Yokohama City University as a resident. During his two years residency in Yokohama City University Hospital, he was trained to learn gastroenterological surgery, cardiovascular surgery, anesthesiology and neurosurgery. After two years residency, he went on loan to other related hospitals to learn more skillful surgical technique for a several years. In 1992, he came back to Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Yokohama City University as an assistant professor. He majored in upper gastroenterological surgery. In addition to clinical surgery, he went to abroad to study gene therapy at University at Birmingham, USA in 1997. Although he tried to employ this basic technique to clinical treatment for gastroenterological cancers, it was so difficult to apply into clinical treatments. He initially started endoscopic surgery for esophageal cancer in 1998 and laparoscopic surgery for gastric cancer in 2002. Until now, he encountered more than 800 gastric cancer cases and 200 esophageal cancer cases by laparoscopic and endoscopic technique. For these years, he published several manuscripts about laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries for upper gastroenterological cancers. Now, he endeavors to educate these techniques to young surgeons. 

Dr. Kunisaki is a board member of Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery and Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Endoscopy. In addition, he belongs to many societies. He is also a member of editorial board members of “Gastric Cancer”, “Esophagus”, and “Digestive Surgery”.

Terms of Appointment: Oct 2016 - Sept 2018; Jun 2019 - May 2021