Jun-Gi Kim, MD, PhD (Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery)

Department of Surgery, Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea

Prof. Jun-Gi Kim is affiliated with Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Catholic University of Korea. After completing his role as the director of Minimal Access and Robotic Surgery Center, he is now the director of the Comprehensive Cancer Institute of the hospital. Currently, Professor Kim is the governor of ELSA, and since 2013/11/28 he was appointed as the international honorary member of JSES for his enormous contribution and achievement in endoscopic surgery. He is also a member of ASCRS, and an acting member of SAGES. He is renown in Korea as one of the pioneers of laparoscopic surgery, starting since 1994. Between the year of 2000 and 2009, for 9 years, he served as the chairman of the Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Study Group of the Korean Society of Coloproctology. He was dedicated in educating not only young surgeons of Korea but also surgeons from Asia. Currently, he is the president of the Korean Society of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons. Since 2004, he puts his efforts in standardizing and educating endoscopic surgical skill for Asian young surgeons as the board member of AETF.

He has given out lectures and presentations more than 100 times in both domestic and international meetings. Regarding live laparoscopic surgeries, he addressed the domestic and international delegates more than 20 times since 2006.

Prof. Kim has been working on manuscripts of 14 years experience. For now, he is focusing on the Complete Mesocolic Excision for the colon cancer and is hoping to have more chances to communicate about short-term, long-term outcome, and technical tips related to CME & CVL. 

Terms of Appointment: Jun 2016 - May 2018; Jun 2019 - May 2021