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Total extraperitoneal approach in inguinal hernia repair: an update

	author = {Davide Lomanto and Eva Lourdes Sta. Clara},
	title = {Total extraperitoneal approach in inguinal hernia repair: an update},
	journal = {Annals of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery},
	volume = {2},
	number = {7},
	year = {2017},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Inguinal hernia can be repaired through numerous approaches either by conventional open or endo-laparoscopic technique. Few factors are contributing to the increasing popularity of endo-laparoscopic approach: firstly the several studies that showed the benefits and advantages of the technique then, the widest application of laparoscopic techniques in all fields of surgery including advanced procedures, making the, once defined “difficult to learn”, endoscopic hernia repair easier and lastly, the improvement of imaging technology from high definition to the 3D. Total extraperitoneal (TEP) inguinal hernia repair requires a proper training and a good standard technique in order to be mastered with low recurrence and complications.},
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