Mini gastric by-pass and bridged mini gastric by-pass: what is new?

Aziz Sumer, Talar Vartanoglu Aktokmakyan, Caghan Peksen


More and more people suffer from morbid obesity in the past several decades. Best treatment option for the obesity is still discussed. However, the accepted gold standard treatment for morbid obesity is bariatric surgery nowadays. To treat morbid obesity the several surgical techniques have been developed so far. Every technique has advantages and disadvantages. One of these techniques is mini gastric bypass (MGB). The bridged mini gastric bypass (BMGB) was modified from the MGB and is believed that has same nutritional outcomes, less surgical complication, and possible advantages of accessing to the remnant stomach. BMGB may be an effective and easier operation to treat obesity and uncontrolled type II diabetes with possible advantages over currently available metabolic procedures. In this article, we aimed to explain MGB and its modification called BMGB.