Site of extraction for laparoscopic colectomy: review and technique

Haris Chaudhry, Alessio Pigazzi


Laparoscopic colon resection has shown many beneficial outcomes including reduced pain, earlier recovery and shorter length of stay at hospital. A minilaparotomy after colon resection is necessary for the creation of intestinal anastomosis and specimen extraction. This incision can cause complications including incisional hernia (IH) and wound infection. To retain maximum advantage of minimally invasive surgery, different incisions and specimen retrieval techniques have been practiced. In this review article, we include and discuss alternative incision and specimen extraction techniques including periumbilical incision, transverse incision, Pfannenstiel incision, natural orifice specimen extraction (NOSE) and stoma site extraction (SSE) after colectomy and recommends the use of the Pfannenstiel incision as the ideal extraction site after laparoscopic colectomy due to significantly reduced incidence of IH.