Article Abstract

What is the added value of intraoperative indocyanine-green in right colectomy for cancer?

Authors: Simona Macina, Luigi Boni, Massimiliano Della Porta, Ludovica Baldari, Elisa Cassinotti


Indocyanine-green (ICG) fluorescence imaging is an emerging technology utilized for intraoperative decision-making. In the last few years, the use of fluorescence to enhance visualization during open and laparoscopic surgery has been widely investigated in different surgical procedures. When the ICG is injected intravenously, it binds the plasmatic lipoproteins and gives information on the organ’s perfusion and vascular anatomy; when injected directly into the tissue, it follows the lymphatic drainage helping the surgeon to identify the lymphatic pathway. So, the possible use of ICG during right hemicolectomy are different: perfusion control, identification of embryological planes and control of lymphatic drainage.