Endoscopic enteral access

Emanuel Eguia, Bipan Chand


Being able to maintain appropriate nutrition in ill patients is a fundamental part of caring for both surgical and medical patients. It is well known that malnutrition is associated with adverse clinical outcomes, particularly in wound healing. Therefore, every effort should be made to support nutritional status when a patient is acutely or chronically ill. In patients who have an accessible and functional gastrointestinal system, enteral nutrition is the preferred method of nutrition. For patients who need permanent or long-term (greater than four weeks) access to nutrition, enteral nutrition through an enterostomy tube is a good option that can be performed by endoscopy, radiologically or surgically. Endoscopic enteral access is a safe and practical procedure for patients who need nutritional support. This article review will examine the indications, contraindications, pre- and post-procedure care, and procedure techniques for endoscopic enteral access.