Article Abstract

How I do it: laparoscopic anatomical segment 8 resection

Authors: Rawisak Chanwat, Chairat Bunchaliew, Rapheephat Tanompetsanga, Nuengruetai Orannapalai


Anatomical resection of segment 8 is one of the most difficult and complicated liver resection to perform, because of its location, relationship to the main intrahepatic vessels and the absence of any anatomical landmarks on the liver surface, particularly in the cirrhotic liver. This procedure requires good anatomical knowledge and meticulous steps to attain the operation. Laparoscopic liver resection (LLR) was introduced for 30 years and now nearly replaces all open liver procedures in experienced centers. However, despite increasing laparoscopic experience and developments in surgical techniques and instruments, laparoscopic anatomical segment 8 resection is still rarely performed. We review in detail the knowledge and steps required for precise laparoscopic anatomical segment 8 resection.