Article Abstract

Pilonidal sinus and endoscopic surgery—myth or reality?

Authors: Marco Milone, Loredana Maria Sosa Fernandez, Michele Manigrasso, Morena Burati, Francesco Milone, Giovanni Domenico De Palma


Recently a minimally invasive procedure to treat pilonidal sinus has been started to spread. In the new era of minimally invasive surgery, pilonidal sinus could become a disease treated with an endoscopic approach. The advantages are evident: there are no surgical wounds on the buttocks, there are minimal patient inconveniences with minimal pain and wound care, and the technique facilitates immediate return to work and normal activities. It is the time to talk about the endoscopic treatment of pilonidal sinus; it is the time to thoroughly study every fold of this procedure in the effort of identifying indication, contraindications, advantages and disadvantages of a new weapon available against this tricky disease.