Mesh technology

Hrishikesh Salgaonkar, Davide Lomanto


Inguinal hernia is a common problem encountered during surgical practice. Mesh repair of the hernia is considered gold standard. Numerous techniques have been described in literature, but use of prosthesis is associated with the lowest recurrence rates. Standard polypropylene mesh is used most commonly, but a variety of meshes made from different polymers, design and architecture are currently available. Being one of the commonest surgery performed worldwide, mesh use accounts for significant healthcare cost. Success of hernia repair hinges on a good technique and use of an appropriate prosthesis. A global market worth billions of dollars, mesh design and technology have a significant impact on surgical results after hernia repair. In this review, we try to focus on the advent of mesh technology, its classification, materials and designs available in surgical practice. As our search for an ideal mesh continues so will advent of mesh technology.