Secrets for successful antireflux surgery: learning curve

Trishul Kapoor, Claude Deschamps


The field of surgery is a complex environment of constant innovation. With persistent advancement in technique and tools, there also comes the need for proper surgical education in order to maximize technical proficiency in a short period of time. In recent times, the concept of a learning curve has been the focus of surgical education. A learning curve is essentially a positive curvilinear relation of performance and experience; this curve is par-ticularly steep in antireflux laparoscopic surgery. There are, however, certain fundamental secrets that allow any individual to efficiently and successfully adapt to such an arduous learning curve. In order to identify these secrets, we conducted a thorough search on PubMed and systematically reviewed relevant literature on the learning curve of laparoscopic surgery, with a focus on antireflux surgery, from 1995 to 2016. The following key words were used in our search: “Learning Curve”, “Anti-Reflux Surgery” and “Surgery Education”. Based on our review of literature, the authors of this perspective manuscript propose three key fundamental secrets to successful adaption of the steep learning curve of laparoscopic surgery.