Article Abstract

Reduced port surgery and reduced surgical staff surgery for gastric cancer

Authors: Shinsuke Usui, Masaki Tashiro, Shigeo Haruki, Noriaki Takiguchi


Background: We have been performing a triple incision lapa-roscopic distal gastrectomy (TIL-DG) as a reduced port surgery. This procedure is also useful for reducing the number of required surgical staff, since a TIL-DG requires only two operators. This concept can also be applied to a laparoscopic total gastrectomy (LTG).
Methods: A total of 121 patients underwent a TIL-DG, and a total of 39 patients underwent a laparoscopic total gastrectomy performed by two surgical staff members (re-LTG). These cases were compared with those in a conventional laparo-scopic distal gastrectomy (LDG) group (59 cases) and a conventional LTG group (79 cases).
Results: No significant differences were observed between the TIL-DG group and the LDG group in terms of the mean operative time, blood loss, or the length of the postoperative hospital stay. The mean number of retrieved lymph nodes in the TIL-DG group was slightly higher than that in the LDG group. No significant differences were observed between the Re-LTG group and the LTG group in terms of the mean op-erative time, blood loss, the number of retrieved lymph nodes, or the length of the post-operative hospital stay.
Conclusions: TIL-DG and re-LTG are feasible and safe pro-cedures.