Article Abstract

A new contrivance of single port and reduced port gastrectomy for gastric cancer

Authors: Takashi Urushihara, Noriaki Tokumoto, Yuji Takakura, Akihiko Oshita, Satoshi Ikeda, Yasuhiro Matsugu, Hideki Nakahara, Toshiyuki Itamoto


Background: Single-port laparoscopic gastrectomy (SPG) and reduced-port laparoscopic gastrectomy (RPG) are favorably accepted by patients with early gastric cancer because of less pain, early recovery time, and improving quality of life. However, performing SPG or RPG has some technical difficulties. This article focuses on the contrivance of SPG and RPG with operation technique and on the advantages of the combination of pneumoperitoneum and abdominal wall-lift method.
Methods: Ninety-five patients with preoperative stage IA gastric cancer underwent SPG and RPG with D1+ lymphadenectomy between April 2005 and May 2016 at Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital. Thirty patients underwent SPG, and 65 underwent RPG.
Results: No significant differences in amount of blood loss [10–357 (mean: 67) vs. 4–470 (mean: 63) mg, P=0.591] and operation time [218–471 (mean: 323) vs. 238–467 (mean: 320) min, P=0.595] were found between the SPG and RPG groups. No significant differences were also between the two groups in terms of post-operative complication and cosmetic results.
Conclusions: SPG was safety performed with our special surgical technique, and RPG was safety and easily performed with the wide working space provided by the combination of pneumoperitoneum and abdominal wall lifting method.