Secrets for successful laparoscopic antireflux surgery: robotic surgery

Antonio Luiz de Vasconcellos Macedo, Wagner Marcondes, Bernardino Tranchesi Junior, Flavio Steinwurz


Surgical technique for antireflux surgery has been benefited by technology, including robotics, to achieve improved outcomes. Robotic surgery does not call for a different preoperative workup or patient selection although there are arguments that robotic surgery should be left to complex cases and reoperative surgery not to routine cases. The evaluation of current published results shows that robotic fundoplication and hiatoplasty is safe and produces outcomes similar to laparoscopic surgery. Higher operative time and costs are frequently cited as drawbacks for robotic antireflux surgery although improved experience and technology may equalize these disadvantages. At present, robotic fundoplication and hiatoplasty is comparable to laparoscopic surgery.