Article Abstract

Small gauze, big skills—the application of gauze in laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery

Authors: Weixian Hu, Deqing Wu, Yong Li


This article aims to introduce the application of gauze in laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery. When we perform a gastrointestinal surgery, we usually use the instruments which were sharp and hard to help us to finish the surgery better, however, it also causes the extra damage. So the application of gauze is important. But what is the most suitable gauze and how to use it properly? This article is to solve this problem. We consider that a perfect gauze should have strong absorbing capability, has the proper size, with the clear mark, and can be positioned with X-ray. And we introduce the function of the gauze like compression, blockage, cushion, indication, prevention, blunt dissection, insulation. Of course, there are shortcomings of gauze, if you use the gauze improperly, it will be a nightmare.