Article Abstract

Revision of bariatric surgery in Asia

Authors: Hui Liang, Shibo Lin


Morbid obesity has become a health burden in Asia. Bariatric surgery offers the most effective long-term outcomes for morbid obesity and its related comorbidities. However, obesity is a chronic and life-long disease that requires sustained treatment even after bariatric surgery. The inherent defect of primary procedure, incompliance of the patients and improper choice of the primary procedure may resulted in the failure of the weight loss, weight regains, poor remission of the comorbidities, patients’ intolerance and postoperative complications. Thus, the revision of primary bariatric surgery is required to deal with these situations. Revisional bariatric surgery (RBS) is a complex procedure and technically challenging, but offers favorable outcomes for the patients. The choice of RBS should base on the patient’s individual situation and be performed by experienced bariatric surgeons.